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Discussing incident response - preparation, identification, containment, eradication, lessons learned; anything you may be able to offer the community that helped in a situation.

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  2. remember these - https://github.com/certsocietegenerale/IRM/tree/master/EN
  3. That's a great resource Ali, one for me to bookmark; thanks Ste
  4. I used the following https://www.incidentresponse.com/playbooks/ as a reference to build my own internal Incident Response playbooks. If anyone has more playbook references please share them here
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if people had a favourite list of playbooks or list of commands they run in an IR scenario? I am not thinking of a straight lift from an IR book, more like what your personal actions would likely be to identify and respond to a potential incident. I was thinking if we could compile these then this could become a "quick reference" in case someone needs to lay their hands on it quickly in an out of band comms situation.

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