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We like to play games until 2am, sorry not sorry.

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  2. I'm primarily on PC myself. Pretty much only play Overwatch casually these days, but I will probably get roped into WoW Classic for a bit, kicking and screaming while also enjoying the nostalgia. I'll update this with my Blizzard ID when I get home. Sometimes on a Steam game, but that's usually pretty solo.
  3. panzertime on PSN. Right now I'm just playing the remastered Modern Warfare while I wait for Death Stranding to come out. It kinda sucks but it keeps me busy
  4. I play a variety of games and up to playing with anyone as long as they don't mind a talkitive person 🙂 I mostly play The Division 1 and 2, Warframe, Destiny 2 and Elite Dangerous. I like looter shooters and open world, what can I say 😛 Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/arszilla uPlay: Arszilla Battle.net: Arszilla#2900 Discord: Arszilla#2780
  5. League of Legends - Riot 0xGradius Battlenet - gradius#1538 Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/0xgradius Discord - gradius#8902 If you add me on LoL, drop me a message here before/when you do, because I tend to ignore friend requests there unless I'm expecting it. 😅 Happy to have more friends to game with!
  6. I literally just got an xbox last week for the first time in years... gamer tag is YahtzeeTheCat
  7. I only PC game at the moment (though I may indulge myself in a console when I move...) but my steam is audioamnesia (pretty sure the display name is Electra Heart at the moment).
  8. GossiTheDog on Xbox, Gossi The Dawg (I think) on Playstation. I headset. 😁
  9. Who care about OpSec anyway. Any forum with a gaming section always ends up with a gamertag sharing topic. SlamTiltUK - Xbox I rarely play with a headset on, so don't expected me to be all talky. Also for some games you're just as likely to get my primary-school-age son as me (especially on Forza Horizon Lego)
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