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Jonny Schnittger

Recently blogged on persistence using Slack, feedback/thoughts appreciated

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I recently blogged about gaining persistence and remote execution using the Slack client (local file injection). It's my first blog post in years and I'd appreciate any feedback or thoughts on it. 
Any and all feedback appreciated.



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The don't load files from disk anymore, you could still unpack the .asar file, modify and repack it... which is very easy to do... you still need local access. I wrote this for our red team to use on a campaign at some point. It's something that a lot of electron apps do, and they're all susceptible to asar modification. The problem of shipping your source with your product.

I was also looking at embedding JavaScript inside the external .svg files the have on disk, but I couldn't find them actually being loaded.

They specifically state local access is out of scope for their bug bounty, so it's something they've known about for awhile I would say.

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Oh that's interesting.  I think it's still a fun thing to do, regardless of scope.  Good info.

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