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Glenn Pegden

44Con 11th-13th September - London

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Well, I'm biased obviously but for people on their first time here's some things to consider:

  1. Go through the brochure, work out which talks you want to see. Most are filmed, some aren't. Stuff that's filmed will go up after the event.
  2. Check out the non-talk things going on. We have permanent soldering workshops and locksport, as well as a smartcard area. The mental health village upstairs is new too.
  3. The CTF is structured so you can win prizes without being uber-1337. Give them a go with friends, you might be surprised at your progress.
  4. Most importantly, make sure you set some downtime aside for yourself and self care. You don't have to do everything all the time. There's spaces to work from and chill out if you need them.
  5. Drink plenty of water, it's a long few days and can really mess with your throat. Friday you will thank Wednesday you for staying hydrated.
  6. Get the sponsor passport and visit all the sponsors for stamps. Also fill in feedback forms as we do actually read them.
  7. Go to the closing. We give away tons of prizes there.
  8. If you have cool old tech worth between £30-£100 to donate to the bring and buy stall, Hammersmith and Fulham Food Bank will be grateful for your donation. Please don't bring old Raspberry Pis as we'll get flooded with them. If you want to bring books that's cool, but please only rare ones as they take up a lot of space and we don't have anywhere to donate them later. All money raised from the bring and buy goes to addressing food poverty in Hammersmith and Fulham.

The only thing to avoid is getting too hammered, which we're trying to improve but there's still a lot of free alcohol floating around. We do have non-alcoholic alternatives too. Also if you see anyone who's having problems, being treated like crap or acting like a dick, please tell the crew. We have a police officer on crew, as well as first aid trained people.

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It's 44CON. friendly and everyone is there to learn and have safe fun.  and what @Steve Lord said - a very nice list.

- we have stuff happening the Wednesday and Thursday evenings as well as the talks and workshops in the day. You don't have to register for workshops but if you see one you want to go to, get there early.

Oh, we have great coffee and tea.

(sidenote: if someone says avoid 'a restaurant' and they are local, it's best not to ignore them as some found out -  food poisoning was the result.)

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On the subject of restaurants @Glenn Pegden best take a look in advance what your movements will be and book in advance or on the day having made some friends. There’s a bit of a tradition for some to head to Bodean’s BBQ (can recommend for meaties) after the conference / after party ends (btw, If there is a separate after party usually the sponsor will be handing out some form of entry token at the start of the first day / around noon - go get some in time). As for the day - what @Steve Lord said. It’s a very welcoming con - with a pretty well understood “don’t be a dick” rule. 

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