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Tim Casey

Amazing phishing attempt

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Just got phished with an amazing attempt. Went to my iPhone calendar. Had this happen only one time before. I'd like to share a screenshot with the url to anyone interested in looking at it. 

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Caveat, this could just be spam and not a phishing attempt. But it's pernicious. It repeats every day (in the calendar) so you have to deal with it. Here is an article that explains how to prevent future attempt. (BTW, calendars are excellent OSINT sources. Most of them, you can't delete old entries. Even Apple's iCloud advance settings are to "hide" old entries, but they never go away).


BTW, I won't hit Decline (which sends a message back to the sender) for a day or two to see if anyone wants to analyze the link.

Edited by Tim Casey
Calandars are typically not "open" so really not open source.
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