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Tim Casey

Curious Consumer Security Product

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Google showed me an ad for a product called Firewalla while researching pfsense. This company has an interesting take on home security.

Firstly, you plug it into your router instead of replacing your router. It's a very small cube. I was curious how it works: it uses ARP spoofing and man in the middles all your devices to route the traffic through to it. Not all routers are supported.


Supposedly they open source it all, so you devs and look under the hood. I wouldn't put this on my network, but the hardware is slick and you could probably repurpose it to make a custom honeypot.

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A couple of the (security) guys here have them and think they're great as an extra level of kid-proofing.

Personally I'd have preferred it to be a proper "gateway" firewall, rather than something doing hacky arp spoofing, but each to their own.

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