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John Carroll

Self serving passphrase/password improvement (Passfilt.dll)

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Has anyone here looked at this approach to improving password length?

I've looked into getting large user bases to create longer passphrase and from what I can see there are options that if you're in a defined group, you get to have X password policy

What I'm hoping for is for a password to be taken, assessed on it's 'satisfaction' criteria then based on that outcome given a group to be in. 

new password is: DR0w55ap!  (password is upper/lower/special char, less than 10 characters, it's going in the basic password policy decision, less time between password renewal enforcement   

new password is: KingsOfLeonAreSuperAnnoying (password is greater than 25 chars (+ other things*) it's going in the long passphrase policy decision = more time between password renewal enforcement   

I've been told to take a look at passfilt.dll, does anyone have any first hand experience with this ? 

I really like this idea, and I think it's a good ramp to getting people busting out longer passwords/passphrases 


https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/secmgmt/management-functions what it isn't clear on is if you can have more than one policy that can be conditionally applied based on user provided  - maybe it can't, but it would be ace if it could, does anyone know any MS nerds that might be worth talking too ?

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