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OSINT Tools collections:

Verification Toolset : https://start.me/p/ZGAzN7/verification-toolset

Mapping & Monitoring : https://start.me/p/7k4BnY/mapping-monitoring

Tools: https://start.me/p/Wrrzk0/tools

Search Engines:  https://start.me/p/b56G5Q/search-engines

Social Media Dashboard : https://start.me/p/m6MbeM/social-media-intelligence-dashboard

Threat Intel, OSINT and malware investigation resources : https://start.me/p/rxRbpo/ti

AML Toolbox : https://start.me/p/rxeRqr/aml-toolbox

Technisette collection  : https://start.me/p/wMdQMQ/tools

Ph055a collection  : https://github.com/Ph055a/OSINT-Collection

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    • By Rami Shaath
      Source: https://www.welivesecurity.com/2019/09/09/backdoor-stealth-falcon-group/
      Interesting... some overlap and use of RU infrastructure.. 
      Curious, has anyone found the SHA256 eqv of the SHA-1 (Yea.. I know) mentioned in the article?  Just hashes would suffice. 
    • By Sherman Chu
      Hey folks, 
      I'm sure that everyone in this club can agree that OSINT can be a very powerful force-multiplier in infosec, but how do ya'll manage the collection of OSINT?
      Specifically, is the collection effort indexed and evaluated in a way that infosec teams (whether SMB or major-enterprise level) can go back and look at the efficacy, integrity, and veracity of said collection effort?
      Do ya'll use frameworks such as the Admiralty System to evaluated OSINT data?
    • By Zoë Rose
      Hello OSINT fam 💜
      What’s the most valuable advice you’ve received regarding separation of investigations? 
      Mine was: 
      1. Create a new virtual machine for every investigation (also shared within IntelTechniques’ How To videos)
      2. Use VPNs
      3. Don’t overuse the same alias, and in some situations use new ones per engagement 
    • By Rami Shaath
      DISCLAIMER - I don't work for, or endorse  this job posting.  However, I know the CISO well and is on a look out for awesome talent to build unique services in the region. 
      if you are interested, reach out to him directly. (see below)  
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