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OpenSecurity.global site changes -- updated January 20th 2020

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20th January 2020

- Upgraded core OS, libraries, tooling etc.  Fixed broken features.

26th August 2019

- Blocked TOR traffic, risk based authentication enabled  

22nd August 2019

- Added vulnerability forums and moved topics across.

- Added WAF blocking error messages.  Rate limiting errors still pending.

19 August 2019

- Strengthened Web Application Firewall rules significantly.

- Introduced rate limiting on login and registration.

- Introduced more aggressive scraping protection, including with member accounts.

- Even more aggressive server side caching.

- Set client cache to 2 days.

- Turned off inserting images from remote URLs, to stop IP leakage and NTML attacks.

14 August 2019

- Increased minimum real name characters to 10 to try to stop people registering as Dave. 

12 August 2019

- Experimental: you can now change your Real Name once every ten years. The aim is to allow people to fix their accounts where they’ve registered with the wrong name  

9 August 2019

- Changed TLS to only support TLS 1.2 or TLS 1.3.

- Increased HSTS duration to 6 months.

- Increased client side cache to 2 days.

8 August 2019

- Deployed HSTS.

- Configured better server side caching for faster page load times. 

6 August 2019

- Added a private support forum.  Removed Contact Us email form, as more transparent to keep it on site (but only visible to individual). 

2 August 2019

- Made a category for Data Leak reporting and disclosure, as a beta.

23 July 2019

- Redesigned some of the layouts to draw out people online, content etc.

- Upped private message limit to 5000 per member.

- Fixed bug with member Real Name characters.

- Removed post counts and group titles from left of forum posts, to give a cleaner experience.

- Added "Read Only" club type - "Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Users need to be invited by a leader to join."

22 July 2019

- Added Bio field, which appears next to each forum and club post.  Use it to add a short bio to contextualise who you are, if you like.

- Added Leaderboard page (top of site), highlights top contributors.  Working on further ways to highlight content. 

- New home page.

- Added Help/FAQ menu item.  Needs finishing.

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