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Kevin Beaumont

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hi, i'm gabs. i work as a security analyst and pentester. before that, i worked (and still continue to consult) in pharmaceutical/genetic science. i talk a lot about medical device security.

i have a husky, he's the love of my life. i also like to powerlift and race cars. the end. 

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Hello All

I am a security "engineer" at a government contractor and I am currently looking at a possible change in direction.  I have been in infosec about 11 years and the career had started to stagnate.  I am currently teaching a little for SANS as a Community instructor for 401 and I started my expansion of certs by focusing on AWS and or Azure in 2020.  Not sure what the future holds but perhaps will start doing contract/consulting shortly after my oldest daughter moves off to school. 

If you are a consultant these days and willing to help a n00b break into the biz.....just let me know!

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