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Yuu Chan

Binary Golf

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I suppose I'll share some fun stuff I've been playing with for a bit.

ELF files are a lot of fun to mess with, and late last year I had figured out some techniques that led to the smallest possible 64 bit ELF, which is 84 bits. Since then I've been playing with it when I have time. I did a few write ups:




I did my best to spell out the thought process behind messing with binaries, all the way up to what appears to be a hypervisor level vuln that corrupts the VMCS in Xen. Affects AWS and a bunch of other platforms.

I also collected some of the source files I've made here: https://github.com/netspooky/golfclub

I am going to expand more in the future, but I try to make each source file as verbose as possible, to explain what purpose each individual byte serves. I'm really trying to encourage more people to play with this stuff, because it leads to some interesting results. Un-debuggable binaries that can break the tools that are attempting to parse them.

If anyone has any questions feel free to get in touch!

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this is absolutely excellent content especially as someone who has mainly only dealt with PE files. I used to do the same thing with z80 assembly on calculators to shave down size, glad to see the spirit is still alive 🙂


thanks for sharing and remember to chat hard and join #hardchats 🙂


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