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    I've fixed the issue where email invites were broken, and a bunch of other under the hood issues.
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    OSINT Tools collections: Verification Toolset : https://start.me/p/ZGAzN7/verification-toolset Mapping & Monitoring : https://start.me/p/7k4BnY/mapping-monitoring Tools: https://start.me/p/Wrrzk0/tools Search Engines: https://start.me/p/b56G5Q/search-engines Social Media Dashboard : https://start.me/p/m6MbeM/social-media-intelligence-dashboard Threat Intel, OSINT and malware investigation resources : https://start.me/p/rxRbpo/ti AML Toolbox : https://start.me/p/rxeRqr/aml-toolbox Technisette collection : https://start.me/p/wMdQMQ/tools Ph055a collection : https://github.com/Ph055a/OSINT-Collection
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    I dunno about this, I had a quick look and it doesn't appear to do anything with BlueKeep. I've seen a cryptomining botnet doing BlueKeep scanning, they don't have an exploitation module tho.
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