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    Thanks @james mckinlay. I posted this to CarbonBlack forums and they said they will merge the ones I created to the threat intel feed they push to customers. once done with CBR I will move to map MITRE to sysmon and windows event logs probably by Jan
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    No spoilers. Ran out of things to watch and remembered this new show just came out. It has everything: spying, serious metoo shit, corporate excess, corruption. It's a world where being a "super" is common and the best are recruited to fight crime in a super corporation. But the collateral damage is messy how; how to keep that quiet? I wonder if they let Karl Urban use his native accent. I can't understand that bloke half the time.
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    @Ali Hussein, remember this ?
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    For me it's basically the same as what do you do if Office365 goes offline again - you wait for MS to fix it sadly.
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