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    I used the following https://www.incidentresponse.com/playbooks/ as a reference to build my own internal Incident Response playbooks. If anyone has more playbook references please share them here
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    Hey all, Kev Breen, Currently Director Content Engineering at Immersive Labs where I lead a team creating Practical Cyber Ranges for Enterprise. Before this I have worked in SOC, CIRT, Malware Analysis, PenTest and 15 Years serving in the British Army. Some things I have created https://ducktoolkit.com/ https://malwareconfig.com/ https://github.com/kevthehermit/RATDecoders https://github.com/kevthehermit/VolUtility https://github.com/kevthehermit/PasteHunter https://techanarchy.net/ Some things I have helped with https://github.com/viper-framework/viper https://github.com/volatilityfoundation/volatility - Plugins not core
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