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    I'm Dean Farrington, I'm a Cyber Security Research Strategist for a large financial institution in the US. I focus on hardware/device and IoT penetration testing.
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    I agree. Mint is definitely the easiest and has the most drivers available out of the box. It also has the best OTB HiRez/multi screen support without having to do much if anything to make minor adjustments.
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    today i will be mostly listening to
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    today i have been mostly listening to
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    today i have mostly been listening to Orbital - The Biggest Weekend Belfast 25.05.2018 Full Show HD
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    Excel I can't think of a tool in InfoSec that's used more (until you get to a level where you have an excel minion and your most used tool then becomes powerpoint). As techies we always focus on the technical toys, but so much of what we do in conveying risk (one way or another) to end users and people just understand a nice colourful conditionally formatted excel spreadsheet. Explain the potential vulnerabilities that may arise from their crappy web app and we're ignored because we're doom and gloom merchants, given them a nice graph showing how they suck at something compared to others and they get it. So, I'd love to say Metasploit, Nessus, Splunk or something big and shiney, but for me, the most undervalued security control is a security analyst with good communication skills and a copy of excel!
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