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  1. Unsexy but true; it’s the security policy stupid. Many orgs rely on inherited policies or worse just copy others found on the web. A fit for purpose and maintained policy defines what needs protecting. If you do not define that you’re pissing controls into the wind.
  2. This. Cinnamon is a pleasure to use, unlike the unrepentant WM on Ubuntu.
  3. Hi, I’m Jim InfoSec Manager for a university by day and an InfoSec Consultant for non-profit orgs (and others doing positive social change work) by night. Those doing good work often have few resources, hence having a straight InfoSec day job. I’ve been a pen-tester, red teamer, SOC analyst and vuln manager. These days gruelling GRC is unavoidable (send help!). Highlight: Managing project to protect whistle blowers and exfiltrate data that the International Criminal Court is currently using to prosecute hideous war crimes. Lowlight: Having to order the retirement of a public facing server that hadn’t been update for 30 years. Yes. 30. Years.
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