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  1. Nice one. I hope it get setup easily not like Detectionlab
  2. Copying my comment from somewhere else page 32 is wrong setting don't do it. according to MS kerberos preauth shouldn't be disabled https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/23559.kerberos-pre-authentication-why-it-should-not-be-disabled.aspx.
  3. Please share here any resources you find useful for team red. Books, tools, blogs and anything useful
  4. Could anyone suggest a must read books for Blue team members?
  5. Please join the BlueTeam/RedTeam clubs I created. it will be fun 

    1. Chase Thompson

      Chase Thompson

      Those clubs are missing the join club button, maybe they are misconfigured?

    2. Ali Hussein

      Ali Hussein

      I checked the documentation. I made them public clubs according to here https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/how-to-use-ips-community-suite/managing-your-community/using-clubs-r306/ you can post and contribute to public clubs without the need to change.

    3. Chase Thompson

      Chase Thompson

      Blue Team is working but I think you have to create a thread in the forum section of red team before people can start posting.

  6. I used the following https://www.incidentresponse.com/playbooks/ as a reference to build my own internal Incident Response playbooks. If anyone has more playbook references please share them here
  7. Thanks @james mckinlay. I posted this to CarbonBlack forums and they said they will merge the ones I created to the threat intel feed they push to customers. once done with CBR I will move to map MITRE to sysmon and windows event logs probably by Jan
  8. Hey, This is Ali Hussein. I do some SOC/IR/Pentesting.
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