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  1. I use a Mikrotik Routerboard (I think a RB2011iL-IN) with a Linksys (I think) cable modem that's just a modem and doesn't bundle anything else. I run DNS and DHCP from a Pine64 running Pi-Hole, use the firewall and DHCP client on the Mikrotik, and I've got a big D-Link 32-port switch to supplement the Mikrotik's 5 gigabit ports
  2. This CVE: https://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2019-15637/ (at least) This exploit: https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/154232/Tableau-XML-Injection.html Anyone hear of this being exploited in the wild? Getting some questions about whether an out-of-cycle patch is worthwhile (I'm leaning towards no, but of course that's not the right answer for every company).
  3. Primary machine is an ASRock 300-whatever micro-PC, with a Ryzen 2400G, 32 gigs of ram, and a bunch of disks in it. Pretty solid little machine for what it is, doesn't hurt that I run Arch with Openbox on it instead of a full-blown DE. I've got a bunch of other machines around the house, including some Pine64 machines, a gen 6 Proliant, and some other SBC devices, along with a huge pile of laptops that I avoid (except for the Pinebook)
  4. I have both Pi-Hole and an unbound instance running on my network. I point the Pi-Hole at the unbound server for filtering, and use the unbound server for DoT to Cloudflare
  5. Anyone else headed to this one? If so, how about the semi-attached Security Onion con or the trainings?
  6. Interesting to do it with Windows native tools. I've already suggested doing something very similar with our existing EDR tools, only on all the endpoints.
  7. Trying to put together a generic ransomware killchain with example TTPs and high- and low-fidelity detections for each phase in the chain. This is mostly to document all the good things we're doing wrt ransomware at my employer, and to justify deploying a few extra detections that got shot down in the past.
  8. Howdy! I'm RT (alias panzertime or ptime), based in Atlanta. I do CTI for a big retailer. I got into CTI sort of by accident—I originally intended to be a generic Java developer, but flamed out of university and got invited down here to do cyber plumbing for the SOC at my current employer. I did that for a while before deciding that I needed a real job description and settled on CTI. I got my CCITP (certified cyber intel tradecraft pro) last year and finally got a bachelor's degree (in compsci) this year. I speak Russian, which I picked up doing Christian missionary work in the Urals and Bashkortostan. Hobbies include rewatching the same Star Trek episodes over and over, developing film, gun stuff, and tweeting inflammatory stuff. I can be abrasive sometimes, but I really do like to pitch in and help people out.
  9. panzertime on PSN. Right now I'm just playing the remastered Modern Warfare while I wait for Death Stranding to come out. It kinda sucks but it keeps me busy
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