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  1. Salary: from £35,500 per annum when working full time (35 hours a week) Location: Harwell, Oxfordshire We’re looking for amazing people to help us drive a digital revolution for the benefit of society. We know that sometimes people can be put off applying for a job if they think they can’t tick every box. But we realise the ‘perfect candidate’ doesn’t exist. So, if you can do most of what we are looking for, go ahead and apply. You could be exactly what we need! We’re ideally looking for someone with: Significant experience and knowledge in Linux server administration Working experience and knowledge of data networks and communications Experience designing secure networks, systems and application architectures More details: https://isw.changeworknow.co.uk/jisc/vms/e/careers/positions/b6_g-qnnTjjjvwPOybIgwH
  2. Sorry for the advertising, but the 2nd Thursday of each month is the regular meeting date for both NetMCR & NetLDN (you can guess where in the world these are) - they're friendly non-competitive meetups for people involved in networking and open to newcomers. The format is a couple of short war stories/technical talks/other things that people in networking might like then time for socialising (and gossip) and while the venues are pub's there is no pressure to drink and there are a range of soft options. Details are online at (although talks get announced on the mailing-list/twitter) : https://www.netmcr.uk/ https://netldn.uk/ Whilst there are some striking similarities the two events are locally organised and operated completely independently.
  3. Hi, I'm James (better known online as boggits) I cause networks to be built (and occasionally get involved in policy work) my current employer is Jisc (the UK's NREN and operator of Janet)
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