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  1. Damn, that is full on crazy! 😱 But, at least it's fixed. Excellent work!
  2. Whoa, that's cool, just might have to do that, to, you know, prove a point 🙂
  3. Yep, we have PA's and we might block there. Traffic is coming from a proxy though, so still trying to understand what is sending it.
  4. Well, we plan on blocking it at the "app" level in the firewall, but will probably block related ports as well. Still investigating on our end, but will update as I learn more...
  5. Threat Intel manager that does not get to RE malware nearly enough!

  6. At our org we use OpenDNS for all DNS lookups and this protocol circumvents this along with other controls, so we're looking into disabling it. Right now, after a search yesterday, we are trying to figure out what is currently using it on our network, because we're seeing traffic from proxy to the Mozilla Cloudflare IP addresses listed above.
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