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  1. I'm Brandon Dixon, based in northern Virginia. Been in security my entire career and have done a number of different roles, though most notable is being a tool developer. I currently run Product for RiskIQ where I sold my last company, PassiveTotal. I've worked for Facebook, iDefense, George Washington University and a few defense contractors. I am a partner and lead developer for NinjaJobs, owner of Blockade.io, coffee roaster at Split Key Coffee and run CheersCyber. Happy to provide advice on business, product and startups or just slam security. 🙂
  2. I am one of the partners over at NinjaJobs, where we have a free community for applying to cybersecurity jobs. As part of our services, we will also do paid placements. If you are looking for a position, consider checking us out and more specifically, if you want a review of your resume or need help, use the chat in the bottom right of the site.
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