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  1. Posted this to twitter while i was playing over the weekend - Easy way to calculate the NPP address for targets if you can replicate the infrastructure. I identified the address for AWS Instances tested on everything from T2 small to T3 extra large so assuming its the same for all instance types and sizes.
  2. Its a tool I created almost 2 years ago, but its still finding sensitive data being posted to pastebin and other sites, Either deliberately by bad guys or accidentally by people who do not know any better. It also comes with Slack, SMS and email alerting for detected rules Some links to some useful info: https://techanarchy.net/blog/hunting-pastebin-with-pastehunter https://techanarchy.net/blog/pastehunter-the-results https://github.com/kevthehermit/pastehunter https://pastehunter.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
  3. Hey all, Kev Breen, Currently Director Content Engineering at Immersive Labs where I lead a team creating Practical Cyber Ranges for Enterprise. Before this I have worked in SOC, CIRT, Malware Analysis, PenTest and 15 Years serving in the British Army. Some things I have created https://ducktoolkit.com/ https://malwareconfig.com/ https://github.com/kevthehermit/RATDecoders https://github.com/kevthehermit/VolUtility https://github.com/kevthehermit/PasteHunter https://techanarchy.net/ Some things I have helped with https://github.com/viper-framework/viper https://github.com/volatilityfoundation/volatility - Plugins not core
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