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  1. I do the same as mentioned above but I also forward on to [email protected] who can issue takedowns on behalf of NCSC
  2. Can anyone recommend a vendor for CASB for O365? 

    1. Joseph Hedegaard Ganly

      Joseph Hedegaard Ganly

      Bitglass. Several reasons why - happy to get into more detail in PM's.

  3. Hi All, I work for an insurance claims company who receive numerous supplier risk questionnaires and security audits from new and existing clients. We are ISO27001 accredited so we have many policies in place. However each questionnaire varies in it's format and question style and it's time consuming to complete all these manually and contact other departments across the business. It's obviously costing the business my time. I'm now on my 12th one in three months. Does anyone else get many of these? If so how do you handle them? I was thinking of setting up a standard response but because they are all different I still think I'd get follow up questions. Thanks Bryan
  4. In the past I used Qualys. You could add in the CVE list for patch Tuesday from Microsoft and search those against assets for patching assurance and spot any failures / missed devices. We used Sccm for server patching and WSUS for desktops / laptops etc
  5. Hi All, I am Bryan, an Infosec Engineer for an insurance claims company. I have only been in the field 18 months so lots to learn and was at the NHS as Infrastructure Engineer when wannacry hit. Any career / study / experience is welcomed 😎. Thanks for the invite
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