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  1. Come say Hi, or share a little about your interest in Social Engineering, but not too much mind!
  2. Serious question: I spent the day yesterday training a bunch of Developers on Secure Coding principles (OWASP Top 10 etc), but do you think enough companies invest in training their developers on secure coding principles, and if they do, does it work?

    1. james mckinlay
    2. Stuart Peck

      Stuart Peck

      Is it that old? Now I'm really starting to feel old myself! 

  3. Damn, I completely forgot about AmpedFive... this will help with a case I've got on right now
  4. Excellent Yuu I need to check out your Git again there was some pretty neat resources there.
  5. Excellent mate, ironically I look for landmarks in images try to reverse image search them. Searching images makes more sense.
  6. Hi I'm Stu, I'm a Social Engineer, Incident Responder, and Run The Many Hats Club community and podcast.
  7. Should I start a community on Social Engineering? 

    1. Chrissi Robertson
    2. Alan O.

      Alan O.

      sounds good

    3. Finn Quizzler

      Finn Quizzler

      I thought this forum/site was already it - an example of concentrating sec involved folk into one attractive source of contact details, etc }🙂

  8. Loving this new community! 

    1. Megan Roddie

      Megan Roddie

      Is that because you over took @Kevin Beaumont in the leaderboard and got a gold ribbon?

      season 3 episode 13 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

    2. Kevin Beaumont
    3. Stuart Peck

      Stuart Peck


      But seriously great effort by Kevin here. Takes a few minutes to get used to but once you do, its great. Reminds me of the forums I used to frequent that have all died out.


  9. This might help a good write up. https://jakecreps.com/2019/06/24/searchbook/
  10. There are many, many infosec memes, but which one is best?
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