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  1. Hey folks, I'm sure that everyone in this club can agree that OSINT can be a very powerful force-multiplier in infosec, but how do ya'll manage the collection of OSINT? Specifically, is the collection effort indexed and evaluated in a way that infosec teams (whether SMB or major-enterprise level) can go back and look at the efficacy, integrity, and veracity of said collection effort? Do ya'll use frameworks such as the Admiralty System to evaluated OSINT data?
  2. First off, I am in no way shape or form an expert in this. While a majority of EDR nowadays tout that they have the ability to detect and block malware based on behavior, I am still skeptical that such tools can efficiently help with preventing malware such as Trickbot from successful installation. Does anybody who have more experience help shed some light on this matter? I know that this may be a loaded question and may contain a lot of caveats and qualifiers. But stripping defense-in-depth and other best practices, how much faith do y'all put into EDRs?
  3. According to the "极速下载器" (Ultra-speed Downloader), the three Chinese AV tools (360 AV, QQ Butler, and Golden Mountain Virus) didn't detect crap. Because you know, they are all known to be reliable...🙃
  4. I can only imagine the clustering effort that was made behind the scenes of this report. The report is so detailed which allows other researchers to compare their own clustering. Furthermore, I appreciate that FE emphasized that the line between nation-state and cybercriminals can be blurry; it's never as clear cut as most people would like to categorize threat actors.
  5. Hey folks, What are some of the best practices an organization should have when it comes to running an effective vuln disclosure program?
  6. Folks, New York City Cyber Command (NYC3) is hiring! We are a [pretty] new city agency that is in charge of the NYC's cyber defense efforts, working across more than 100 agencies and offices to prevent, detect, respond, and recover from cyber threats. The responsibility also includes ensuring NYC infrastructure, critical systems, and New Yorkers are being protected. The agency itself feels like start-up, meaning work-life balance is pretty solid. While I would say that they are paying close to industry standard, all the people here are passionate about cybersecurity. We are also trailblazing since we are one of the few cities in the US (dare I say in the world) that are trying to centralize cybersecurity under one umbrella. If anyone is curious about the agency or are thinking about applying to the agency, drop me a msg or DM me. I'd be happy to answer any questions about the agency and our work. Career page here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/cyber/careers/careers-with-nyc-cyber-command.page
  7. Hey ya'll! Sherman here. Currently intel analyst at New York City Cyber Command. The intel team is pretty new so we're currently focusing on building out the program and capacity. Previously worked at a financial institution and Flashpoint before that. I also spent some time eating MREs in the US Army. Excited to be a part of this!
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