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  1. Sounds simple enough. Last questions so the thread doesn't get too hijacked: Would you recommend setting up specific honeypots looking for individual things or using a few machines to collect all different types of attacks? Is it a question more of what resources you have or is one method generally accepted over another?
  2. Hey everyone. I saw that this club is a little dead right now so I just wanted to introduce myself and see what things people are hoping to get out of this club. I am both looking for a new mentor but would also be willing to help any new folks in the industry if they are looking for assistance. My biggest area of expertise is in pentesting, but I have done consulting, IT operations, and led small teams in the past. I am really getting interested in the DevOps mindset and tools right now so anyone who has experience there would be great to talk to. Look forward to talking to you all. -Ryne
  3. That's how we often feel about our company name as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hey everyone! I am currently a penetration tester and security consultant working full time at Security Innovation and part time for Open Security (not this website, but cool coincidence). Have been in the InfoSec some time now after getting my start in the US Air Force. Right now I am doing a lot of focus on mastering DevOps principles and trying to build security into business processes as early as possible. Looking forward to talking to all of you. And big thanks to @Kevin Beaumont for setting up what will hopefully continue to be a great community.
  5. Looking into how to efficiently use diffing for source code reviews. If anyone has any good tools or processes other than git clone && git show that they use let me know!
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