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  1. I feel that remote working needs to be handled on a case by case basis, but overall should be supported within a company. There's multiple reasons why an employee may need to WFH, including disability factors, caring commitments, or just that sometimes you need space away from people to focus. I'm solely remote until I move, and I'm getting a little stir-crazy from the lack of socialisation - as well as feeling a bit left out from events that are happening in the office in Southampton currently. I'm fortunate that I'm with a company that tries its best not to leave remote workers out (for example, Critical recently celebrated its 25th birthday and there were celebrations in all of our offices, but being 200 miles away makes it relatively difficult for me to join in in festivities in Southampton unless it's prearranged or I'm already in the office for whatever reason. The UK based HR team made sure to send me and a handful of other remote workers a gift to help us feel included, which was really delightful) but on a day-to-day basis it's pretty lonely. I think that there's probably many people in infosec who also aren't as social as I am, though. While I'm craving social interaction though, I'm also mindful that I need the capacity to WFH at least some of the time - I'm technically disabled and getting to the office (in previous jobs) can prove difficult on occasion. During my time working remotely, however, I'm finding that my focus is best when I treat it very similarly to how I treat studying for my degree. Luckily I have a separate laptop for work, which easily reduces my ability for distraction (which is quite significant, even living alone!); as long as I keep my personal laptop off and out of sight when I intend to work - there's no access to Discord, other social media, games, the general internet where I could theoretically decide to dive down a Wikipedia rabbit hole instead of working - I'm able to focus in on the things I'm meant to be doing rather than entertaining myself on my company's dime. I also find that some of the tricks I've often used for studying really help - such as listening to game soundtracks, which I learned in college are often designed to help a person focus in on the game (I find it better to listen to soundtracks from games I haven't played, and soundtracks without vocals especially, because I know that if I listen to one from something I've played that I'm going to be thinking about periods of time in the game where whatever track is playing occurs -- the only one where I break this rule is the Hacknet soundtrack. I also don't limit myself to games, as I find the same sort of effect with soundtracks from TV shows and films: this works especially well with period pieces as they're less likely to have vocals which distract my singer's heart). One thing my PM said to me when I was discussing adjusting to WFH after having worked in offices or on premises for the last 3 years of my working life is that it's really important to take walks and get away from your working environment. He also suggested working in a coffee shop sometimes (something I typically reserve for the week after I get paid, because I feel bad sitting in a coffee shop and buying only one coffee or small item to justify taking the space!) to at least be around people even if you're not truly socialising. Some recommendations I have for soundtracks, if anyone is interested (Youtube Links, and playlists where possible because shuffling tracks is fun!): Hacknet OST Vikings OST Da Vinci's Demons OST Elementary extended theme (single track, but varies enough through the track that it's suitable to listen on repeat!)
  2. Greetings all, I'm Chrissi, more commonly known as Froot or Frootware. I'm currently a Junior Software Engineer at a Portuguese software house called Critical Software (who I really really love!! If you follow me on twitter you've probably seen me expressing how nice they be...), and I've involved myself with the community around infosec for the last year or so. I'm currently in the Manchester area but will soon be making a b i g move to Southampton due to work - any tips and tricks and information about the area would be very useful! I'm interested in malware analysis and DFIR, as well as OSINT and social engineering. I keep planning and talking about an idea to do a "malware of the month" on my blog looking at (and breaking down) old malware samples, but that's waiting on me getting yet another laptop to build a separated malware lab. I'm working on a degree in Computer Science through the Open University as well. I'm also a moderator in The Many Hats Club Discord server and I adventured around to a lot of conferences last year, and I'm lucky enough to be able to adventure to a new one this year (bring on DEF CON!). I'm never particularly good at introducing myself so I hope this works 🤣
  3. I won't be attending this year (work, DEFCON, and a hospital appointment for that morning has been thrust upon me by the NHS...) but my mother is going to be in attendance once again, and will be speaking this year! Please look after her and whatever ridiculous hat she brings.
  4. I only PC game at the moment (though I may indulge myself in a console when I move...) but my steam is audioamnesia (pretty sure the display name is Electra Heart at the moment).
  5. If something is beginning, it's a new adventure!
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