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  1. As we head towards zero trust models, how relevant does blocking bad stuff at the perimeter become? DNS over HTTP is a good example. Trying to control that would be ideal, but since few organisations actually control/filter more basic protocols and a vast amount of client browser traffic is straight from laptop to Internet (via Starbucks wifi), is it even worth bothering?
  2. You could put a notice that simply says we use cookies, but nothing invasive and we don't need your consent because all of them are essential to make the site work, along with an okay button.
  3. Yes, They failed in numerous places to enable this breach. I have massive sympathy for them and anyone else that is breached. But merely based on their size and profitability, they had no excuse not to have those relatively basic security measures in place. This case is the perfect example of not having "appropriate security" in place.
  4. Personally I'd like it to be full names only. Anonymity can be a great recipe for negative interactions.
  5. @Kevin Beaumont - please can you confirm that full names are mandatory?
  6. How do I send invites? found it, (at top of screen) I am stupid.
  7. Minutes before Twitter drama arrives on here:
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