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  1. I've just released a new video Matthew Haynes and I put together on exposed RDP servers on the net and how we are seeing people get ransomwared via an initial RDP brute force or cred stuffing vector.

    Hopefully people find this useful, it's our first collaborative video and was a blast to make!


    1. Dan Card

      Dan Card

      Thanks dude! Still learning the ropes with the video production game 🙂

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  2. image.thumb.png.6125dce5130916eba15c97bcd0eea588.png#emotet stager/C2 data

    1. Dan Card

      Dan Card

      I was asked if I had the raw data from this... after some fiddling 😉 I exported to txt then imported to xls and filtered and here we have all requested URLS from the gestureviolet.exe process captured from fiddler! hope this is helpful! I was planning on exploding the latest payloads in the lab soon and repeating this process.


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