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  1. I've not tried opnsense but it is a fork of pfSense which I've been using for years. Works really well and you can put it on one of these NUCs or other mini-PC. However if you want something more commercial, I highly recommend the ubiquiti security gateway and associated additional network components.
  2. Here is mine: Gaming/Dev/etc: build is a Core I7 with 64GB RAM bunch of SSDs iMac - its an old one but 16gb ram and ssd (upgraded) Old macbook 17" but its dead at the moment and need to figure out why macbook 15" - the generation before the bad keyboard. Fully loaded 32gb, 500gb HD My main activities are however on a Google Pixelbook 8gb RAM 250gb HD. If i need something more powerful, i hit up the above or better yet spin up some AWS instances
  3. Not sure how far you want to take the concept of ethos... Is it the character of the team or are you going for the individual and how they should behave. Personally, these are three of things that i look for: ethics (although this is a a hard one as really depends on cultural aspects as well) inclusive forward thinking, striving to achieve that "newness" factor
  4. Looking for all areas. Goal is to try and build a library of templates to help improve or implement SOCs
  5. Hi everyone Trying to find some SOC (Security Operations Center) procedures or templates that one can use for basic SOC operations. Thanks
  6. So here is an interesting question. Last week, I created a club called DFIR for us to have a place to exchange on the subject of digital forensics and incident response! I see that a little while later Stephen Lord created the club called Incident Response. The clubs cover essentially the same subject matter. Do we need a policy or best practices on how and when to create a club?
  7. Hi all Joining in the fun but be forewarned, I am a security curmudgeon in good part as i've been around for so long... Currently UK based but in the process of GTFO even more so now BoJo placed himself in power Those who've met me in person will know this When not moaning and bitchin... I do DFIR, Security Architecture, and just general security advocacy trying to move security "left" as they say.
  8. Unfortunately and due to ongoing activities of me moving to Ireland, I am not going to make this year's annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas. I'd really be interested in having those who do make it feedback with some of the plus and minus of the event, talks, etc.
  9. not sure if this is the right place to post this but i've found a bug in the registration page When you click on the sign up button in the invitation email, you are redirected to this page https://opensecurity.global/register/?invite_code_req If your email invite has a PLUS sign in it, the page removes it and replaces it with a space when you click on the "Create my Account Button"
  10. Yeah I like Jenny's podcast, she focus more on the person than just tech talk. Nice to get an insight into the people! I was a guest a few months ago on her podcast. Had a great time. I also enjoy Paul Security Weekly set of podcast. They've considerably up'd their game especially with the more focused podcasts like Enterprise Security Weekly, Business Security Weekly
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