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  1. Cheers guys. My org recently had a sextortion attack. Used 1647 unique outlook address with a PDF attached which was password protected. The name of the PDF was the name of previously used password and contained within psf was usual sextortion bullshit with a link to a wallet. All mails involved were in have I been pwned. So I'd like to connect with the API to do password audits.
  2. Just wondering if anyone here connected to the have I been pwned API? Useful? Cool features? Improve security?
  3. It was part of the August patch updates. Not related to the RDP vulnerability. But the issue came with the patch. So if you were quick off the mark, it hurt you a bit https://www.ghacks.net/2019/08/15/visual-basic-issues-in-windows-august-2019-updates/
  4. https://support.microsoft.com/en-ie/help/4512474/windows-10-update-kb4512474 We were 60% covered on our windows 10 estate when I read the above on Wednesday.... There looks to be a bug in original patch. VB6 compatibility issue.....
  5. Ya definitely no external to internal RDP as much as I've been told anyway.... Always on VPNs etc.... Good few mitigations .... I just feel twitchy about RDP based on Microsoft's language and the CVSS score.... That and you can never be 100% about anything
  6. Because the August Patch is 1GB in size and a chunk of the estate I work on is win 7 and 2008 using Symantec (Symantec apparently need a new agent with the 22nd as proposed date for the Sha 1 issue ) we are putting a lot of faith in NLA as a compensating control. Has anyone seen anything more Iron clad about exploiting Deja Blue with NLA enabled??
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