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  1. Ethos, may of been a bad word I guess I mean culture aiming for productivity.
  2. Following some discussions around mental health and workplace stress, I was curious on how I would go about answering the following question: How would you as a member of a team, improve the overall ethos of your department? Lets hear your thoughts!
  3. Is LogLogic a singular platform, or is it a SIEM with multiple different addons that you can purchase? Because from the outlook it seems like a proprietary version of Apache Hadoop. However, that is based on the documentation and product listing.
  4. Every Friday, I shall post a new question based on something picked at random or provided by anyone in the community (direct message or suggest a topic in your reply). Please try to keep the answers serious and remember to quote the question or an answer your are discussing. This weeks question is related to the field of learning and can be found a sapien. Question: "What do we need to learn that can’t be taught by/through/with technology? Why?"
  5. Oh this is neat, I quite like this a potential weekly topic for the club to answer, i shall make a topic with a proposed question see what happens. Nice find
  6. That is cool, I would be really interested to see a pick up of interest to map tooling to the MITRE attack framework
  7. I am beginning to see the trend in SME's moving most of their operation from the ground up to cloud-based providers due to this reason. Easy, manageable and almost immediate. Would it be possible to pick your brain on some questions I got outside of this chat?
  8. SIEM has been a major improvement that just logging everything into a SQL database or a data warehouse like HBase. However, the latter has become more manageable with other addons like spark. The incident platform The Hive seems pretty cool addition to the SIEM platforms that are around. Also the Elastic SIEM seems quite cool, but that might just be a more of a rebrand in the end.
  9. Interesting take on things. Well this is what a PhD is about, finding the real root cause of the problem and doing research to help push the knowledge train. This section is also allowed for other people as well, not just me 🙂
  10. I thought it was going to be a more personal type of failing. Perhaps it's not the tooling that has failed us but the implementation and processes when using them.
  11. What is your reasoning behind the rejection of them?
  12. To kick things off, my research focuses on the field of security operations and how to apply automation and machine learning to help reduce stress and burden on the security analyst. Currently I am looking for anyone that works in a SOC that would like to help discuss the field of security operations and the technologies and future trends they see in their daily operations. But I am always looking for fresh research areas to collaborate on.
  13. I must admit the site looks clean and slick. I love PHP and the frameworks that come with it. But some people loathe the language, I just don't understand why. It reminds me of C++ but for web.
  14. Nice to meet you all! Jack - I am a PhD student at the University of South Wales focusing my research in Security Operations with the aim of trying to reduce log burnout/analyst stress through the use of automation and machine learning. I teach software development in what most people find as the most hated language to touch web (PHP). I also mess around with phones and the such to frustrate forensic investigators.
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