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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Anne, and have somehow been making a living in this industry for the last 11 years (I'm still waiting to be identified as a fraud any day now). I sit more in the people, policy, education and risk space of security and when I describe what I do, I generally say that I am a translator between the technical teams and business teams. I did my infosec initiation in the Information Security team of a large mutual financial organisation, and from there moved into a large multi-national as a senior consultant specialising in security policies and standards, risk management, training and awareness. Poached from there to a small consultancy and then asked back again by my previous employer. I'm relatively quiet security-wise publicly; I have twitter which mentions infosec in my bio but mostly I talk mental health, cats and swimming...aside from that I am co-author and contributing editor to a relatively respected industry publication, and I once gave a talk at BSides London on their first ever rookie track. I haven't been brave enough to stand up and talk again since... Good to meet everyone here, and hope for many good chats!
  2. I'll be there, managed to catch a ticket at the last drop. 🙂
  3. State Sponsored Podcast was quite interesting, they did 11 episodes but not been one for a little bit. If it comes back, worth a listen.
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