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    Cyber Threat Analyst. Mental Health Hackers CFO. #ActuallyAutistic. Austin, TX.

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  1. @Christopher Kiefer you got any recommendations here?
  2. Spinning off the best memes thread... There are a ton of GIFs that perfectly explain various roles and jobs in infosec (whether the GIF is actually related to infosec or not). Here is my favorite as a threat researcher/hunter: Of course there is the classic "This is fine" that we all encounter every once in a while: And from a IR/SOC/Threat Hunt perspective of pivoting of IOCs and a love for Friends, there is this gem: Feel free to drop yours here too so I have a GIF to explain every moment of my job.
  3. Hello! Megan -- Security Researcher with IBM X-Force IRIS. CFO of Mental Health Hackers (https://www.mentalhealthhackers.org/, looking for corporate sponsors, so shameless plug). Currently enrolled in the SANS MSISE program (for my 2nd Master's degree). Muay Thai fighter in what little free time I have. (well, I go to classes and compete in super amateur level and kinda suck, so "fighter" might be an exageration). I'm in Austin. Join the Texas InfoSec club I created on this platform if you are too.
  4. "Hello World!" -- obligatory joining post

    1. Megan Roddie

      Megan Roddie

      Just found out I can put a GIF in my about me on this platform.

      boo yah s galore GIF

    2. Kevin Beaumont

      Kevin Beaumont

      The best feature.

  5. I literally just got an xbox last week for the first time in years... gamer tag is YahtzeeTheCat
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