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  1. Heyyyyy! Check out the different Clubs, there’s a few I think you’d love - plus I think it would be brilliant to have a club for domestic violence safety & security (or operation safe escape itself?). Such great content and topics to discuss together (plus larger community) Cheers! 

    1. Christopher Cox

      Christopher Cox

      Awesome! Thanks for the invite, excited to be here. 


  2. Welcome to the community! 💜

  3. Hi fam I’m Zoë and I work at a global consultancy, where I think my job is to create powerpoints? I got into security due to personal safety and a lack of understanding of people - but stayed because I loved it. I did a talk on it, if you want to hear at Aruba’s Atmosphere H.E.R. Tom wrote a bloody beautiful article on me where it’s linked: https://gestaltit.com/exclusive/tom/yellow-capes-and-safe-escapes-the-journey-of-zoe-rose/ (not crying, you’re crying) My goal has always been to be the person I needed 10 years ago - which I hope I believe I have since fulfilled. I live and work in London, but travel quite a bit to share the CYBERZ. My crowning achievement is being the mum of hacker ferrets - 7, Bit, and Byte. I also practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I’m a 1 stripe white belt (so don’t be too scared). My focus is a small topic.. Privacy and Security by Design - you know, nothing major or challenging... and I’m a ginger, so extra exciting 👩🏻‍🦰 In all seriousness however, please do reach out if you want to chat, cyberz, health, ferrets, BJJ, etc. I’m here ❤️ Słucham Oh awesome, hey Jordan! I’ve had the privilege to speak in Kuala Lumpur - three times I think? It’s absolutely gorgeous! Not sure if you’re near/if I’ll be returning any time soon, but I’ll have to ping if I am and we can have a random OS.G meet up. 🤓
  4. Hello Conference going fam My next speaking engagements are as follows, if you’re heading out to any, please feel free to message/setup a catch up! 12 September CBI Cyber Security Session in London, United Kingdom (https://www.cbi.org.uk/events/cbi-conference-series-cyber-security/) 17 October DSS IT SEC in Riga, Latvia (https://www.dssitsec.eu/) 23 - 25 October Go To Berlin in Berlin, Germany (https://gotober.com/2019?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIl_Gj8eqJ5AIVhrTtCh2w1gjhEAAYASAAEgLWbfD_BwE) Note: use zoe10 for 10% discount if buying a ticket 3 - 8 November Agile Testing Days Keynote in Potsdam, Germany (https://agiletestingdays.com/) 9 November HackInBo (TBC) in Bologna, Italy (https://www.hackinbo.it/) 18 - 22 Novemeber GoTo Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark (https://gotocph.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlOaGheuJ5AIV1vhRCh0euQLhEAAYASAAEgIFD_D_BwE)
  5. My next speaking engagement is CBI’s Cyber Security conference on the 12th September, in Canary Wharf (https://www.cbi.org.uk/events/cbi-conference-series-cyber-security/) anyone else joining?
  6. Hello OSINT fam 💜 What’s the most valuable advice you’ve received regarding separation of investigations? Mine was: 1. Create a new virtual machine for every investigation (also shared within IntelTechniques’ How To videos) 2. Use VPNs 3. Don’t overuse the same alias, and in some situations use new ones per engagement Cheers
  7. Hello OpenSecurity Fam! I’ve received yet another message from a friend who received a sextortion email - this was on Thursday. They were concerned because the email contained a legitimate password they use, as per my usual response I asked them to check HaveIBeenPwned.com to see if it may have been found from a breach - it was. Advised to change password(s) and enable MFA. My question is: besides checking WhoIs for the domain, using IntelTechniques toolset to search for the email, and google-fu’n the email; would you do anything further? Am I missing a step/responsibility of disclose to anyone, is there an org that takes submissions and shares out details? I’ll write a blog post shortly, but I want to share details as far as possible to help those who might have received. I also shared on the Twitterverse: Cheers 💜
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