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  1. For my son’s MBP, I have Bitdefender for OSX installed and he sets the thing off all the time because he’s a tinkerer and spends a lot of time trying to download things from questionable locations. The web shield (browser add on) does a pretty good job at keeping him safe as he blindly clicks all google search results. Mac malware, while not as prevalent as windows malware, does exist and personally I’d rather err on the side of caution. https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/mac-software/mac-viruses-list-3668354/
  2. Work: Dell Precision 7000 series laptop with Xeon processor, 64GB of Ram, 2TB in drive space. Running Artix Linux and a ton of VM’s on top of it. Home: Acer Predator Helios 500 laptop with Ryzen 7 2700x desktop CPU, 64GB of Ram, 1.5TB of storage. Running Artix Linux and a ton more VM’s. Kali Box: MSI Phantom 14, i7, 32GB Ram, 500 GB storage.
  3. I agree. Mint is definitely the easiest and has the most drivers available out of the box. It also has the best OTB HiRez/multi screen support without having to do much if anything to make minor adjustments.
  4. @Tim Casey it’s a full fledged WiFi router on its own if you choose to use it that way. Otherwise, if you don’t want to disrupt current operations, you just make it your gateway in your current DHCP scope and send all your traffic through it and it will forward to your primary ISP router (least secure setup). The reason for the side-by-side setup requesting user name and password is because they built in an autoconfig routine for home users that may not know how to reconfigure DHCP on their home router themselves. Admittedly, I have not actually seen this work (at least not on any of the Verizon routers). I personally plug the WAN port of the Box2 into one of the LAN ports on the ISP router and let the Box2 handle all the wireless and security. In the box, it’s doing light weight vulnerability scanning of any device that connects to it. For any endpoint that you install the included Bitdefender Total Security on, it integrates itself so you can get real time alerting for viruses, someone browsing to malicious web sites, devices running known vulnerable firmware versions, devices using default admin passwords, etc. I wish there was more granular control over the Box but for a set it and forget it home solution, I find it the most convenient. Pair that with the unlimited Bitdefender Total Security installs and you got a pretty good bargain. Here’s an ok write up on TechAdvisor though I’ve seen better: Tech Advisor Review
  5. Something I generally recommend for home users that aren’t technically savvy. Comes with unlimited installs of their highest tier AV solution for both computer and mobile platforms and helps secure devices that can’t run its own AV (IoT, etc.): Bitdefender Box2 I personally prefer something running pfsense and am hoping they will port it over to arm some day but I’ll toss one of these up in a pinch.
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