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  1. We did a scan on two ports for fortinet interfaces exposed- Port 443 - 98115 exposed interfaces Port 10443 - 196887 exposed interfaces We will be importing these jobs on app.binaryedge.io later today.
  2. We just finished our world scan on Pulse. Port 443 presents a total of 34267 valid responses on the file that has the version (no auth needed publicly exposed). Top 10 versions: Quantity | Version
  3. Ohai! I'm Tiago, CEO at binaryedge.io ! I play with internet data and try to find interesting things exposed 🙂
  4. We've (full disclosure I work for BE.) put out some updated numbers on Bluekeep also u can check your ip addresses as we imported them into the platform (free as u get 250 credits) https://blog.binaryedge.io/2019/07/23/bluekeep-coming/
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