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  1. my personal opinion - its better than nothing but dont depend on it. Too many products depend on signatures and hashes which means you dont even need to be patient zero to be totally impacted. Good for box ticking but make sure you have defence in depth - invest in more people if there is a choice
  2. " It was Hires IT, a now defunct IT recruiter. " this will be a continuing issue as companies go bust / close down but their digital property remains. This happens in the real world too as companies go bust and the receivers dont care whats in the filing cabinets before they sell them... what happens in the real happens in the digital
  3. I am hiring 2 roles in Canon Europe, they are Information Security Project Lead's for our B2B and B2C areas. They are based in our Uxbridge office ( Stockely Park near Heathrow) Essentially the roles are to manage all aspects of the security process for the relevant projects coming through the pipeline from security requirements gathering an analysis to interpretation of security assessment results with business leads. More info and to apply click below https://careers.peopleclick.eu.com/careerscp/client_canoneurope/external/jobDetails.do?functionName=getJobDetail&jobPostId=30910&localeCode=en-us Happy to answer any questions here or on email or via twitter DM whichever suits
  4. i reported one to a major cloud provider and their response was to state that 1, the vulnerability did exist but had been closed in 2014 2, my own email must have been hacked well i hope that it wasnt 2* but i found it by accident in 2017... yes they are a household name and so big its impossible to get to the right team ( even have email header evidence) - oh well its fixed for me at least. Q oh another one from a *looooong* time ago was with a major lock manufacturer, if you nmapped their lock control server it rebooted and err unlocked all the connected locks ( for H&S reasons) we tried to get them to fix it, they ignored us then asked us if we were threatening them... we buried the system deep with a single machine on a dedicated vlan eventually
  5. apologies for the delayed response not an issue at all or can i be just Q... like Mace Windu and his purple lightsaber 🙂
  6. I think I am just Quentyn - then again there is only 1 of me gah i am Quentyn T it seems :)
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