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  1. So when we gonna get something going in Humberside 😉
  2. IM HERE TO STEAL PHOTOS OF YOUR CATS CAUSE I DONT HAVE ONE *jedi mind trick* You will post photos of your cats 😉
  3. Hey Everyone! Am Dec otherwise known as Rag! Been in the community for a few years now but only recently (past 2 months) got my break into the industry. I am a cybersecurity specialist in the Aviation Sector! I manage the CVD/VDP along with doing my own research for security issues across the aviation sector. Also love OSINT and HUMINT and use that passion for good through a small gang in TMHC! THANKS! ❤️ OH and I have a blog: https://ragsec.co.uk/blog
  4. Buscador - https://inteltechniques.com/buscador/
  5. https://ragsec.co.uk/trace-labs-global-missing-persons-ctf-july-2019/
  6. What tools are people using to enhance and analyse images and videos? My goto is Amped FIVE
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