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  1. Not much to say really, I'm Alan, I've been in the infosec community for 2 years since starting college in Dublin, Ireland. Been to a good few cons including BSides Dublin, Belfast, and London this year(Recognize a load of names for then). Have little experience in field in fact I have no experience in the field however I am taking charge of the college's ethical hacker society (Which is HackerSoc 😉). Hope to see all of you over the year at the different cons!
  2. Besides google facebook has killed a lot of the tools that existed
  3. I like Many Hats, wide range of topics although I need to listen to different podcasts, defo need to give Jenny's podcast a listen to
  4. Quite the war story, what with Styx not having an OS for a quarter of the CTF. Was great working with ya!
  5. Sherlock is a brilliant tool written in python, queries multiple sights with only one false positive, wattpad.
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