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  1. I have had instances where it does break functionality, but not often. The logs are pretty decent and it's pretty simple to see what is being blocked and then whitelist it. Also there is an option to temporarily disable Pi-Hole (well stop it from blocking lookups).
  2. You can also use Pi-Hole along with Cloudflare DNS to have DOH. Scott has a great writeup how to do this: https://scotthelme.co.uk/securing-dns-across-all-of-my-devices-with-pihole-dns-over-https-1-1-1-1/
  3. Hey Everyone. Really excited to give this a go 😀 I used to be a technical lead on our application security team. But my role is changing in more hands on testing and breaking things. I've primarily been focused on web app security, but trying to expand my knowledge out. Also attempt to do my own personal research when I have some time. Oh and a member of the The Beer Farmers.
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