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  1. Hey there, I'm in the process of releasing a massive collection of modern malware and fraud related tools I've gathered over the past year or so. The first in this collection fits this category so I'm sharing here. https://github.com/threatland/TL-FRAUD This repo contains a ton of credential stuffing tools and configurations, as well as some custom scripts for ATO, botting, ad/click fraud and others. Info on contributing is in the repo. Some other maintainers will be adding what they have after defcon.
  2. My favorite is still this one: I disclosed a number of vulns, including their private keys to the production environment and an exposed vulnerable router via SSRF. "Thanks, but why?"
  3. Hey there, I shared this on Twitter but I figured it might be good for y'all depending on use case. JIRA instances hold quite a lot of information about a given organization. You can track development of a variety of things, and also see where the pain points are for a given org. I wrote a simple script that can enumerate the secure attachments on a JIRA instance, download them, and use yara to for some basic checks on potentially juicy info. You can point it at a public (or private, just add auth token to the headers in the script) JIRA instance and it will process each file and alert you when it finds something. If you're looking for keys, passwords, database files, debug logs, or anything else that developers / users may have left in their files, it's a great way to quickly snag them. https://github.com/netspooky/jLoot I've been trying to integrate yara a bit more into my tools, rather than using it after the fact, so any pointers on that would be awesome!
  4. I suppose I'll share some fun stuff I've been playing with for a bit. ELF files are a lot of fun to mess with, and late last year I had figured out some techniques that led to the smallest possible 64 bit ELF, which is 84 bits. Since then I've been playing with it when I have time. I did a few write ups: https://medium.com/@dmxinajeansuit/elf-binary-mangling-part-1-concepts-e00cb1352301 https://medium.com/@dmxinajeansuit/elf-binary-mangling-pt-2-golfin-7e5c82bb482c https://medium.com/@dmxinajeansuit/elf-binary-mangling-part-3-weaponization-6e11971108b3 I did my best to spell out the thought process behind messing with binaries, all the way up to what appears to be a hypervisor level vuln that corrupts the VMCS in Xen. Affects AWS and a bunch of other platforms. I also collected some of the source files I've made here: https://github.com/netspooky/golfclub I am going to expand more in the future, but I try to make each source file as verbose as possible, to explain what purpose each individual byte serves. I'm really trying to encourage more people to play with this stuff, because it leads to some interesting results. Un-debuggable binaries that can break the tools that are attempting to parse them. If anyone has any questions feel free to get in touch!
  5. I am yuu. I run ThugCrowd and related community / projects. I'm super into low level stuff and playing around with various things. Glad to be here!
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