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  1. Jericho forum advocates for "perimeterless" environment, and a the same time for "layered security approach". So, how would someone define a "layer" as if not being a "perimeter"?! As Pres.Trump would say: "another beauty!" as he would say about ZeroTrust too... Colleagues, I encourage us to think about what we offer a bit deeper. And here is my definition of a "perimeter": it is a point of "security policy enforcement" - it is consistent with the layered approach (one can have many enforcement points - i.e. layers), and explains what does "perimeterless" actually mean: not a line, but a set of enforcement points that constitute the perimeter where the policy is enforced.
  2. in case you want to see it from different perspectives https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/zero-trust-paradox-boris-taratine/
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