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  1. Hi all, (Thanks Daniel Cuthbert for the invite code) I'm the CEO of Intel 471. I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has here. Yes everything of ours is searchable in our platform which has a portal and RESTful API. 30 day no cost POCs are common throughout the CTI industry. Our website is 100% marketing (no corporate website isn't 😉 ) but there's nothing untrue on there. We have a very experienced and globally dispersed intelligence team which comprises of former security service, military and law enforcement folks. We have folks in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America and of course the US. My own background is software engineering and I'm former Australian Federal Police and iSIGHT Partners (now Fireeye). Our COO is a former Marine (HUMINT), FBI contractor and iSIGHT Partners as well. Monitoring the underground (I hate the term deep and dark web with a passion) is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Ultimately you need people who are actively in there daily in order to identify threat actors of interest (and engage with them as frequently needed) as well as driving where automated collection (scraping) can be directed. Scraping a website and dumping it to text is very easy but doing it on a large number of criminals forums/marketplaces at scale whilst maintaining the structure is technically and operationally difficult. The team that does this at Intel 471 is the only team with permanent vacancies for the team. Running long term personas in the underground and doing engagments (online HUMINT) is our bread and butter as well. It takes very skilled and experienced people to do this over long periods of time without getting burned. Feel free to contact us via our website and someone will reach out asap. Regards Mark Arena Intel 471
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