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  1. Nice reference to you and Marcus on Microsoft Defender Security Centre, Kev... I see you continue to keep a low profile 🙂 Don't forget my offer to find your house and be there with a cup of tea when you wake up.

  2. Sadly not... that covers merchants and terminals with P2P encryption. I'm after guidance for HSM owners and specifically for guidance on the management of key cards (which will contain encryption keys and will be used with the HSMs), and physical keys. Even the Thales website doesn't give any help on key card management. Ah well, I can sketch something out myself if I must... access control, mustering, forming a quora and so on.
  3. Does anyone know of any online resources with decent instructions for the storage of HSM Remote Login key cards (also known as PaySHield cards), and the formation of a quora for assembling the cards for use in an HSM? Sorry it's a bit Billy Basic... I know how and why intuitively, but just need some help with the form of words. Thank you.
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